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SKOB Seniors faced Rowville Eagles at HDR for the first home game of the season, looking to make amends for a disappointing first round result. SKOBs immediately started strongly by controlling the game up front and heaping significant pressure on Rowvilles’ back 4.

The opposition look flustered and struggled to play it cleanly out of their own half for the first 25 minutes of the game albeit it for a few long hoofs down the ground which resident Spaniard Alejandro Jordan was able to dispense of with ease – clearly not just a pretty face. It wasn’t long until SKOB’s pressure was rewarded when Fev got his noggin on the end of a beautifully taken corner from self-proclaimed assist king and son of Vlado, Sacha Ihasz. 1-0 SKOB.

Momentary lapses in concentration and work rate eventually saw Rowville ease back into the game and if it weren’t for a few gazelle-like diving saves from keeper Dale, they could have easily equalised in the 1st half. It was not to be though and SKOBs entered half time with the advantage and in good spirits.

Some loose defending allowed Rowville to equalise early in the 2nd half and served as a wake-up call for SKOB. The game turned into quite a physical affair and it became clear that Rowville weren’t going to go down easily.

After some scrappy play in the box, Fev was able to secure his 2nd goal of the day with a crisply timed left foot volley off one step – his pre-game chat with Jared “Podsy” Casey on ‘tips for keeping it under the crossbar’ clearly paying dividends here. Once again, SKOB didn’t have the lead for long as Rowville were able to equalise from a well-struck shot from their man up front. 2-2.

Both teams had few real chances from here on in and it looked likely to finish in a dead heat until SKOBs won a free kick on the edge of Rowville’s 18 yard box with about 3 minutes left in the game. El Capitano Will “Hound” Hughes stepped up to take the free kick after fending off about 5 willing teammates.

After what seemed like an eternity, Hound strolled up to the ball and calmly chipped it over Rowville’s wall. Charlie was able to get a flick on header, deflecting the ball towards Fev who courageously knocked in a Tip-like goal and earned a well-deserved hat trick – and getting Charlie on the ‘Assist’ leaderboard to begin the season-long dual with BFF Sacha.

The referee soon blew the full time whistle and SKOB celebrated their first win for the season.


After the draw last week, the SKOBS reserves were looking to grab their first win of the season. And there was no better time and place than the first game at the HDR. Rowville SC the visiting team.

The first whistle blew, SKOBS kicked into gear and within the first few minutes knew the 3 points was in reach. Unfortunately for the adoring fans and Coach Skien, as the pressure dropped so did our style of play. Despite this SKOB dominated play. It seemed as though the ball never left Rowville’s half.
30 minutes in the deadlock was broken by Jack Sutherland, as he comfortably headed in a Sam Power corner. 1-0 to SKOB.

The domination continued, and a few moments later Jared Casey doubled the lead after a quick turnover by Rols “The Steam Roller” Richen. Talking the ball from Rowville, Roland then comfortably played Casey through on goal, whom slotted the ball past the keeper. The score remained 2-0 at the halfway mark.

After a few points of improvement from Phil the boys were looking to play out the rest of the game as a unit. Standout of the day was Alex Kedzior with a magical defensive display. It seemed for the next 45 minutes he was on the end of every Rowville pass forward.

After a few substitutions, debutant Pascal put his mark on the game (other than crushing 3 Rowville players), assisting Daniel Dymond whom undoubtedly dazzled delightfully doubling his goals for the season, and bringing the score to 3-0.

Despite a below par performance, SKOBS still walked away with 3 points and their first clean sheet of the season. SKOB rivals Xavier Old Boys up next.


The thirds had the honour of kicking off their 2016 season at home, and the Fortress did not disappoint on a warm, sunny Sunday morning. A stacked team gathered to take on Marcellin, eager to eschew the slow starts of thirds teams past.

Starting off in a 4-3-3, SKOB made a quick start, with Richie Palmer and Smoko holding firm in centre defence, Kenners corralling the midfield with the armband, Richie Smart menacing on the wings, and a powerful forward line of Balmy, Petters and Rangelov putting pressure on the Marcellin last line.

Confident passing and an attacking intent led to the first goal – the team playing the ball to the right wing before Balmy snapped in a perfectly-weighted cross to an unmarked Rangelov on the left post, who finished with the head for good measure.

With a big bench to choose from, the changes were constant so the pressure was kept high. Nick Bogisich and Peter Kuscer maintained the solid defence while James Chan and Christian de Luca kept the ball streaming up the wings into attack. James Scalzo entered the game and had an immediate effect, carving through the Marcellin defence like a perfectly cooked lamb shoulder with red wine jus.

It wasn’t long before SKOB had another chance in front of goal, and this time it was Taka Onishi continuing his sparkling form up front, finishing a shot across the body into the top left. SKOB were now 2-0 up and flying.

As good as the attacking play was, down back provided one of the match’s highlights in the form of keeper Dylan Younane. Never one to talk up his prowess between the posts – for fear of having to play there – he was in special form on Sunday, putting his body on the line more than once to keep a late Marcellin run fruitless. At half time, the score was 2-0 and the home team were pumped.

The SKOB boys started the second half like they finished the first, dominating possession and getting the ball forward. Unfortunately the execution dipped a tad, with Miz and Rangelov missing gilt-edged chances after working hard to create them.

Marcellin grew in confidence and their progress prompted a change in formation to a 4-4-2 and, eventually a 4-1-3-2, also known as ‘the Christmas Tree but with a base and the top cut off’.

There were comical scenes late in the game, when Stuart Faz was yellow carded for wearing a sweatband, which according to the referee counted as jewelry (it was a very nice sweatband).

As the clock wound down, the SKOB boys stayed as switched on as ever, defending with intent and seeking to push the ball forward. The final whistle brought with it a hard-earned and well-deserved team win, and the team song was delivered with gusto around a large contingent of new players.

Well done to the management team of Stu and Fev – one proved that there’s not necessarily a direct correlation between your knowledge of the game and your skill level, and the other showed for the second consecutive day that, whether they be goals or points, the best things come in threes.

Thanks to everyone who came to support the team, and congratulations to the boys on a great start to the season – our challenge now is to back it up and get it done at Montrose.