ROUND 19 SAT Aug 15

Mt Lilydale OC v SKOBSC
Mt Lilydale Sporting Complex (Away)

SENIORS 2-3 (match centre:
RESERVES 2-0 (match centre:


SKOBSC setout on Saturday morning to face Healesville in their last game for the year at the Fortress. With a tiny mathematical chance of beating Glen Waverley to promotion, the boys needed no extra motivation. With AJ still out, changes were made to the team who punished Lilydale the week previous.

Despite the high stakes, SKOBSC was slow out of the blocks and conceded a goal following some loose marking off a cross. After a defensive mixup, Healesville capitalised to make it 2-0. SKOBSC looked stunned needed to respond but couldn’t get their passing game going on the suspect surface. Healesville had come with a plan and were doing their best to ruffle SKOBs feather. The boys will look back and be disappointed to get sucked into their cr@p but ultimately only had themselves to blame for the scoreline. After doing a soft tissue injury, Fev made way for Franga who made an instant impact and got the game going for SKOBSC. Sacha should have put us on the board with blazed wide off a cross. He soon had redemption though, only minutes later scoring a classic goal from 30 yards off a free kick. SKOBSC went into half time confident it could get the job down but knowing it had to lift the attitude.

The boys played better in the 2nd half and the shift in attitude was apparent to all watching. The game was firmly with SKOBSC who continued their search for an equaliser. A freekick at the edge of the box for SKOBSC gave them the chance. Big ‘Hound’ Hughes with a captains goal to level the score. With only a few remaining minutes and nothing to lose, Healesville committed numbers forward and found a winner off a set piece and celebrated in our faces as if they’d won the league.

A bitter way to end the season – hope they enjoyed the long drive home.


The second last game of the season saw SKOB reserves take on Healesville, which was clouded by speculation that they weren’t going to attend fortress HDR. To SKOB surprise not only did they have 11 players but had hungry spectators waiting for a kransky from a hot BBQ.

As in typical SKOB reserves fashion, the 2s starved the opposition of the play right from the beginning but could not finish. Powelly sent to left back, was getting much of the ball and making some great plays with Dymond. Once again SKOB could not finished and as the ball was placed on Pedders feet 3 yards out he once again sent it over the bar. Charlie was ripping up in the middle with his new best mate “Steam Roller” Roland but could not get past the flooded defence of Healesville. But 30 minutes in Dymond had had enough and as he took on 3 players through the 18 yard box, sent it passed the keeper into the back of the net. Healesville must have realised that the centre of the park was not an over 18 night club, sending their 14 year old forward into the midfield….big mistake with Rols, cleaning him up twice, letting him know, he was lucky to get in past the German bouncer. The half ended with the score line 1-0 but it could have been so much more.

The half time talk saw Dr Phil state that there was no hunger for a win, considering SKOB was dominating the game, and determined that a little bit more mongrel needed to be shown. This in turn was ignored as the conditions turn wild, with strong wind and rain taking over the park. The weather stopped for 5 minuted which gave Rols the chance to steam-Rol his way through the middle and make the score 2-0.

Substitutions were made with Prince Ali replacing Pedders (for his token mention in a match report) and Zander replacing Sam. 10 minutes later, Charlie won himself a penalty but it was not meant to be. As he went for the top corner he smashed it into the crossbar, and as the ball bounced back, Timmy took a fresh air swing at it and the ball was ultimately cleared by Healesville. After this, Healesville took 3 players off the park without replacement and SKOB once again settled into boring mode and played out the game as it was.

2-0 win with just one game to play. Hopefully we can take it to Glen Waverly and deny them the premiership next week!